The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
2017 Commencement - Faculty Survey
We would appreciate your feedback about Commencement by taking this short survey.
Did you participate in the 2017 Commencement Ceremony Faculty processional?

If you attended, did you utilize the reserved faculty parking in the Bell Tower Lot?

Do you own your own regalia?

Currently, faculty members are not required to wear regalia to participate in the Commencement processional.  Does knowing this make you more likely to participate in the processional in the future?

If regalia were made more easily available, would you be more likely to come?

If you do not normally participate in the Faculty processional, why not?

Please explain

Tell us your favorite part of the ceremony

Please tell us your LEAST favorite part of the ceremony

How can we make Commencement more appealing to Faculty and raise attendance in the Faculty processional?

Did you visit the Commencement website? (

If so, did you find it

Did you follow @uncevents on twitter for updates?

Did you sign up for text alerts via the Commencement website?

Please share any additional comments you'd like for us to know:

Thank you for your feedback!

If you would like to discuss anything further with us regarding the Faculty processional, please feel free to email Stacey Warner at
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